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The Insulin-Sugar Choice

Majid Ali, M.D.

We have choices. We can keep insulin low and live longer, or keep insulin high and die young. We can focus on lowering blood sugar and die young, or focus on lowering blood insulin level and live longer. We can keep insulin low and have less diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Or, we can keep insulin high and have more diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. These statements will raise many eyebrows. Below, I briefly describe my work that gave these insight.

Spontaneity of Oxidation

In 1983, in a eureka moment I conceived the notion of oxygen being the "king" of human biology. That led me to writing my monograph entitled "Spontaneity of Oxidation in Nature and Aging." In the following years I published several articles and some books to the study of molecular biology of oxygen (over 100 on my essays on the subject are posted on

Insulin: the Minister of Metabolism and Energy of King Oxygen

In 1996, in another eureka moment I conceived the notion of insulin being the minister of metabolism and energy of King Oxygen. That led to publication of a series of articles on the oxygen-insulin relationships, as well as on how changes in the bowel, liver, and other ecosystems disrupt insulin signaling. In my book entitled "What Do Lions Know About Stress?" (1996), I presented some insulin profiles to document cases of enormous insulin waste in people with diabetes. I also described how sugar roller coasters trigger insulin-adrenaline-neurotransmitter roller coasters.

The Insulin-Sugar Relationships

In 2010, drawing from the above studies and experiences, I devoted two large chapters in my book, Darwin, Oxygen, and Diabetes (2010): (1) Please say No to Fasting Blood Sugar; and (2) Insulin Toxicity. I have published data concerning a large number of three-hour insulin and glucose profiles to illustrate my main points about the true nature of the problems of insulin toxicity and diabetes, as well as my arguments to support my statements at the beginning of this article.

Nearly all people with excess weight, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, inflammatory disorders, and autoimmune diseases are insulin toxic. So, I consider it imperative to do insulin tests for all such patients. My clinical observations and laboratory findings compelled me to include two large chapters in my book, Darwin, Oxygen, and Diabetes (2010): (1) Please say No to fasting Blood Sugar; and (2) Insulin Toxicity.

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